Initial Warranty

Initial Warranty (6 Months)


Warrants your product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from the original date of purchase. If you discover a defect in a product covered by this warranty, we will repair it at our option using new or refurbished components, or if repair is not possible, replace the item.




This warranty covers defects in manufacturing discovered while using the product as recommended by the manufacturer. The warranty does not cover loss or theft, nor does coverage extend to damage caused by misuse, abuse, unauthorized modification, improper storage conditions or natural disasters. The warranty does not cover parts that are subject to normal wear and tear replacements requirements.        




Warranty and benefits automatically become void if goods are tampered with, damages are caused by misuse, abuse, alterations/modifications by customer/employees and if items are moved or attempted to be moved from the original location by any personnel other than that of FCM Agencies.




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